Friday, September 3, 2010

Globo shows that there are two gay in the "Hipertesão"

About to open yet another reality show, the director said on Twitter Boninho that in "Hypertension" for at least two participants Gays. But they're still in the closet.

Likewise, it piqued the curiosity of viewers earlier this year revealed that there were homosexuals in issue # 10 of Big Brother Brazil.

After disclosing the presence of gays in "Hypertension" Boninho responded to a Twitter user who complained that the director puts many Gays in the programs: "Sorry, but a good part of the world is Gay ... What to do??"

The program will debut on September 2 and will be presented by Glenda Koslowski. The 16 participants will be subjected to extreme events and will be deleted one week. The winner receives the prize of $ 500 000.


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